Welcome to the Crypt of Horror. Here you can venture into the dark imagination of Brian Moreland. He loves to research unexplained historical events and turn them into nail-biting supernatural thrillers. His first novel, SHADOWS IN THE MIST, was based on true secrets about the Nazis and the occult. A novel best-selling author James Rollins called, “A smashing debut of a major new talent.”

Brian’s latest novel, DEAD OF WINTER, explores the mystery surrounding a horrific plague that overtook an isolated fur-trading fort in Canada back in 1870. Oh, and be sure to check out his short stories “Chasing the Dragon” and “The Dealer of Needs.” Brian has many dark worlds to show you, some unusual characters, and thrilling adventures to get your heart racing and leave you breathless. Brian has dedicated this blog to share excerpts of his novels, short stories, and even some posts from his creative writing journal. Before you enter the Crypt of Horror, be forewarned … you will encounter monsters.

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