Damned Words 25

Posted: November 30, 2017 in Uncategorized


Inspired by a vintage family photo, here are 9 horror flash stories from AF Stewart, Christopher A. Liccardi, John Potts Jr., Jon Olson, Joseph A. Pinto, Lee A. Forman, Mark Steinwachs, and Nina D’arcangela. Includes my flash story “Bizarre Killings”. Read them at Pen of the Damned.

Lee A. Forman

The past withered, faded, much like the photograph Benny held. Time consumed memory, leaving only a reflection of their faces behind his eyes. He couldn’t see beyond the scowl his wife expressed. Often, he mused it was the sun in her eyes—mere speculation, as the gray expanse that once thrived with the living, now decayed with the dead. The end wiped clean all sins, but all good deeds as well; as if a switch had been flipped, those who survived born anew.

He had to relearn who he was, as did everyone else. But he never accepted the new world. The picture tethered him to what was before. It held part of him in a forgotten place of warmth and hope. But the source of those feelings remained unknown. His head ached, torn between realities, one of which he couldn’t be sure existed. For all he…

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  1. Can I get away with saying, “Killer flash this month,” Brian – or is that too on-point? LOL – I loved it, great piece!

  2. Brian Moreland says:

    Thanks, Nina, I enjoyed your flash story as well.

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